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– the best sushi in your town!

SushiGo is a newly established catering . Sushi in our catering is created by the best chefs with many years of experience. We only use the best quality ingredients. Every day we care about the best quality and taste of our dishes! We provide world-class Japanese cuisine. We invite you to check our menu and place orders!

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why sushigo?

Why should you choose SushiGo? 

authentic japanese

Authentic Japanese

We serve sushi prepared with a device designed for original Japanese ingredients.

always fresh

Always Fresh

Our dishes are made only from fresh ingredients of the highest quality.

creative menu

Creative Menu

We have an extensive menu with many delicious sushi sets. We also offer vegetarian sushi!

sushi in delivery

Sushi in delivery

You can order our sushi online or by phone. We will deliver them to the address provided!

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Check out our sushi sets

futo rolls raw

optional: futo-salmon classic, futo- tuna classic, spicy salmon rolls, spicy tuna rolls, philadelphia futo rolls


optional: salmon ( mayonnaise, leek), tuna ( mayonnaise, leek), prawn (king prawn)

Sushigo specjal

optional: specjal salmon, specjal prawn, specjal tatat, specjal crab salad

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Order your favorite sushi online! 

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